THE HALF OF US by Cardeno C.

THE HALF OF US by Cardeno C.
The Half of Us
by Cardeno C.

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Dr. Jason Garcia is one of the foremost cardiothoracic surgeons in Las Vegas.  Hours at the hospital are long and typically difficult ones.  In his down time Jason usually ends up at a bar for a couple of drinks and a quick hookup with a hot stranger.


Normally Abe Green would avoid an evening in a bar, but it’s his birthday and his friends are insistent on celebrating the day.  When a sexy stranger approaches Abe throws caution to the wind for once.  After all it’s his special day.


As the sun comes up the next morning Jason is surprised by how much he’d like to see Abe again.  It’s a first for the loner.  He’s not one to repeat an evening, but the more he sees Abe the more he wants to see him.  Life is changing for the surgeon and his patient lover, especially on the day they come face to face in a professional setting.


Author Cardeno C. pens an excellent, realistic relationship story in The Half of Us where readers witness the good, the bad, and all the hairy moments in between.  Jason is a self sufficient, self serving closed off doctor whose life is shaken by Abe’s persistent decency breathing humanity into his lover.  Refreshingly candid, honest, and charming.  The Half of Us is sexy, pessimistic and definitely good.

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