THE HUNT BEGINS by Stephani Hecht

THE HUNT BEGINS by Stephani Hecht
The Hunt Begins
by Stephani Hecht

Series: Little Monsters #1
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

It was fitting they lived in an abandoned insane asylum to Bronson’s way of thinking.  The Spring-Heeled Jack is most likely the last of his kind.   A slaughter of his people sent Bronson fleeing across the Atlantic for a new, anonymous life.  Likewise his roommates Charlie, a unicorn, and the twins Ice, an Abominable snowman and Brute, a Big Foot believed they were the last of their species.


When they weren’t squabbling they were in the business of trying to help others like them hide or find a new home.  Nixon the Brownie popped up one day in their home desperately seeking sanctuary.  In dire straits the Brownie can’t believe his luck when Bronson offers him a home with their misfit family.


Safe at last, Nixon and the Spring-Heeled Jack dance around a serious case of lusty interest.  Their budding relationship is unfortunately interrupted by a warning of imminent danger from a deadly Cerberus bent on destruction.  Who knew that love would make them stronger?


The Hunt Begins for readers to find this original, entertaining story.  A unique team, these characters form their own special family.  The Little Monsters series begins with an endearing romance that works and a scary climax to overcome.  Ms. Hecht has another winning new series in The Hunt Begins.  Also doesn’t hurt that Bronson and Nixon are hot together.

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