THE INNOCENT by Shiloh Walker

THE INNOCENT by Shiloh WalkerThe Innocent by Shiloh Walker
Series: FBI: Psychics #2
Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Samhain Publishing

Reviewed by Jo

Jay Roberts has a psychic gift doesn’t allow her to touch anyone and gloves are her necessary accessory but she finally risks reaching out from her personal life isolation and enters into a very sexy online relationship with a cop, but after several months he suddenly breaks everything off with Jay.  Now that she has reached out, Jay isn’t going to let herself just be dropped with no explanation and she goes to the small town of Hell.  Only to find out there is much more going on than just a man getting cold feet.


Linc Dawson is no longer a cop, but he is now a very vengeful father out to make the people who didn’t help his missing daughter or Linc himself during his search for her suffer the consequences.  It’s been months now that he has been searching and while he hasn’t found her body, he knows that the odds of finding her alive are beyond slim.  When he walks into a store to find Jay there, things in his life are shaken up even more.  Linc has never believed in psychic gifts and he doesn’t plan to start now.


Jay finds out what was behind Linc walking away from her but now that is only a part of her issues.  Now Jay knows what is going on in Hell and she isn’t going to let it happen any longer and calls in the one type of help she knows will get the job done – other psychics.  Jay and Linc struggle with their feelings while putting together the clues on what exactly happened to Linc’s daughter and the other missing people.  When all of the clues finally come together some hearts will be healed and some will be broken and the small town of Hell will never be the same again, but that isn’t a bad thing.  In the aftermath can Jay and Linc find a way to allow their passion to blossom into the love that is just waiting for them?


A pragmatic cop and a psychic are not your normal couple but these are not your everyday couple either.  Jay and Linc discover a red hot passion while hunting for the truth about Linc’s daughter in The Innocent.  I loved just how feisty Jay was from the beginning until the end, even when the odds weren’t in her favor.  Linc had me from the minute he tired to protect Jay in the store.  I really loved watching as they not only search for what happened to his daughter but also tried to transition through the potholes of a new relationship.  As I turned the last page I knew that the future might be a bit rocky for Jay and Linc for a while but I know that they will be there for each other and those they love.  I can’t wait to see what the next chapter is in the world Ms. Walker has created.  The Innocent takes suspense to a spine tingling end with a hot passion thrown in and just enough danger to keep the spice going.

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