THE ITALIAN’S DEAL FOR I DO by Jennifer Hayward

THE ITALIAN’S DEAL FOR I DO by Jennifer HaywardThe Italian's Deal For I Do by Jennifer Hayward
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Harlequin

Reviewed by Vanessa

Rocco Mondelli is shocked to discover that his late grandfather didn’t leave him a controlling interest in the family’s business.  He is also disheartened to learn that his grandfather had been keeping a mistress young enough to be his granddaughter!  However, Rocco soon finds that the young woman is super-model Olivia Fitzgerald, and she doesn’t want anyone to know who she is or why she skipped out on a very lucrative contract.  Olivia Fitzgerald has her own demons to ward off and fighting an attraction to the handsome playboy isn’t helping things.  Wanting only to realize her dreams and seeing that she doesn’t have another option, she agrees to the proposal that Rocco presents her with at the risk of losing herself.  Will Rocco and Olivia find that sometimes the price of fulfilling their dreams is too great, or will they push on to achieve their goals?


The Italian’s Deal for I Do is an emotional tale that pushes the protagonists to work through their issues and truly trust each other before attainting their HEA.


Rocco was the typical jump-to-conclusions Hero, but he wasn’t too prideful to issue that apology when it was called for in The Italian’s Deal for I Do.  Olivia was amusing when she teased Rocco about things that he completely denied.  Placing him in the hot seat just added to the foreplay between the two of them in The Italian’s Deal for I Do.  The troubles that Olivia went through seemed quite plausible, and I felt that Rocco was truly there to hold her hand as she navigated her way through them.  Rocco and Olivia learned quite a lot on their road to HEA in The Italian’s Deal for I Do, and it was gratifying when they completed their tasks.  I found that there was some symmetry in both Rocco’s and Olivia’s tasks, as well.  Hindrances were placed in both their paths, but they had to choose what was more important in order to see things through.  They seemed to realize that sometimes they would have to give up things in order to move forward in The Italian’s Deal for I Do, and this seemed to fully evolve their characters, too.

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