The Last Thing He Needs
by J. H. Knight

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Let’s be honest.  The O’Shea clan has a well earned reputation of barely staying on the right side of the law.  On paper Calvin and Cheryl are in charge, but everyone knows that eldest son Tommy’s been keeping the family together since he was a teenager.  He’s taken care of his seven younger siblings while his drug addicted father and stepmother skate in and out of their lives.  Even the twin babies Max and Zoe are more dependable than their parents.


For the most part the cops in town look the other way when one of the O’Shea kids earn money in a less than legal way.  Everyone knows that Tommy and his siblings are doing the best that they can to stay together as a family.


Officer Bobby McAlister and his partner are forced to make an appearance at their house one day because of Cal and Cheryl’s latest drug induced antics.  From that day onwards the cop and the slightly shady O’Shea begin a quietly hot and heavy forbidden relationship.  Having Tommy as a boyfriend might ruin Bobby’s career before it’s even really started.


Life has never been easy for the O’Shea family.  Tommy has carried the burden for years.  Bobby doesn’t mind sharing the weight because he’s falling in love with the skittish young man.  The guilt of possibly ruining Bobby’s life is eating at Tommy. But neither can walk away from a love beating so strongly for each other.


The Last Thing He Needs is to lose out on true love.  A cop and a sometime con man are the worst and best of matches in this enchanting story.  Such grit, real life drama, and familial love in the plotline prove that The Last Thing He Needs has heart.  The characters come alive, they feel authentic.  Their battle to stay together through adversity will have readers cheering them on.  A thoroughly worthwhile read!

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