THE LIAR by Nora Roberts

THE LIAR by Nora RobertsThe Liar by Nora Roberts
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Putnam


Shelby Foxworth thought her life was changed when she found out her husband, Richard, had fallen off a boat in the Atlantic and was presumed dead.  But then Shelby really found out just how changed her life would be as she discovered the many debts that Richard had left her with and what little money he really had.  Shelby might have been living the high life during her marriage, a lie as she is now finding out, but her backbone was born and raised in Tennessee.  Shelby is determined to raise her young daughter as best she can and to pay off all the debt that she was left with.  Slowly, Shelby is making arrangements and finding money where she can live off of while paying off the debts one by one. Now it’s time for a true break, which will take Shelby and her daughter back to her small home town.


Griffin Lott is the co-owner, along with his best friend, of a construction company in a small Tennessee town, but they are coming to be known as the people to contact if you want something done on time and at a reasonable price.  This is a huge thing when you consider that both Griffin and his friend are Northerners and new to the area.  Griffin has discovered this not so sleepy little town is home for him, and he has already put down roots he hopes will grow.  Griffin isn’t even looking for a relationship when he comes face-to-face with a spunky red-head who revs up his system before they are even introduced.


The very last thing Shelby needs right now is a handsome man making her think of things best left alone.  After all, she has a huge mess to overcome, a job to find, a family to fess up to, and a young daughter to raise.  But when Griffin and Shelby meet, the sparks instantly fly and even with each of them wanting to take things slowly, both know the attraction is right there.  Just as Shelby is beginning to get her head on straight and is coming up with a game plan to move her life forward, she is confronted with even more lies from her previous life with Richard. Very soon, danger and death will be all the town talks about, and it seems to be focused on Shelby’s life with Richard.  Griffin isn’t about to let anyone or anything hurt either Shelby or her daughter if he has anything to say about it, and he uses his contacts to try and help Shelby, the local officials, and even the Feds figure out exactly what is going on and who is behind it.  The questions are:  Can the answers come in time to help Shelby, or will she and Griffin lose the love they have just found before it can grow?


A disillusioned widow and a sexy construction owner discover a strong passion, but it will only have a chance to grow if they can overcome the danger that seems to be following her.  Shelby and Griffin will have to fight for their chance to grab the golden ring of love in The Liar.  I instantly fell in love with Shelby as I watched her grapple with all the hits that were coming fast and furious as she worked her way through the mess her husband had left her.  Griffin had me as he took the time to learn about Shelby and her daughter before he made his move, and because he always included the daughter where he could.  The sparks that flared between Griffin and Shelby told me that it wouldn’t be long before they were a solid couple.  I learned even more about what made each of these people tick as they fought for their love during murder investigations, suspicious new comers, and a few pointing fingers.  The Liar is absolutely packed with suspense, murder, passion, and the joy of new love.  Not to mention an entire family that I would love to have as neighbors and get to know better.  Once again, Ms. Roberts has given us a story that keeps the reader deeply engrossed.

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