The Peacock Prince
by John Tristan

Published by Loose Id Genres: Fantasy, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Purely for political reasons King Nicholas of Ael offers his infant daughter Princess Celandine in marriage to the young pirate lord Dagon Blackstone when she comes of age. Her twin brother Prince Alessander will someday rule all of Ael and his sister will be married to the most powerful man on their seas. 

The day finally comes when Blackstone and his fleet arrive to take possession of his bride to be.  Celandine asks her brother’s help in one last prank before she leaves by posing as his sister at the pre-wedding banquet.  The princess tricks them all however by slipping away with Alessander’s best friend and guard Gael.

Blackstone will hunt down his wayward bride and her companion with Alessander along as an honored hostage.  As the days on Dagon’s flagship continue the prince spends his days working alongside the sailors.  At night however he and the pirate lord seduce each other.  At some point Celandine will be found, but until that day Dagon and Alessander will dream under the stars.

The Peacock Prince is a spirited, sensual tale of romance and love.  Author John Tristan crafts an enchanting drama on the high seas where the mighty are brought down to earth with a resounding thud.  The adventure doesn’t offer any surprises, yet Alessander and Dagon manage to enthrall readers with their intensity.  Also, their carnal encounters are smoking hot.  Enjoy The Peacock Prince.  This formula works when well written.


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