THE PIERCER’S GAME by Sean Michael

THE PIERCER’S GAME by Sean Michael
The Piercer's Game
by Sean Michael

Series: Chess #6
Published by Totally Bound Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher


A traumatic past experience taught Luke to beware trusting anyone in a sexual situation.  Some might think it ironic that he picked such a personal career as a piercer with his aversion to sex, yet Luke manages to keep the two separate and runs a successful tattoo and piercing shop with his best friend.


When a stranger enters their shop at closing time Luke is taken aback by the electric handshake they share.  Temple Garrison believes that fate is telling them something and invites the quiet piercer for a meal.  Luke listens as Temple tells him of his fight against cancer and his strong belief in letting bad energy go, being positive.  He’s in town for a five year check up, to see if he’s finally beaten the disease.


Taking things slowly, Temple doesn’t pressure Luke sexually which gives the piercer the courage to begin to let loose.  As the days pass and they wait for the test results Luke and Temple continue to explore their sexual compatibility and feelings of love.  Finding out if Temple is free and taking that last step together means the world to Luke.  Thank God he opened the door at closing time.


Fierce trauma to the heart and the body are intertwined in this emotionally empowering and sensual story.  Prolific and incredibly talented author Sean Michael skillfully blends eroticism with heart and soul in The Piercer’s Game.  Luke is missing out on a vital part of his life until Temple walks through the door and gently, persistently shows him what he’s missing.  The Piercer’s Game is packed with sexual situations, absolutely chock full. Temple’s cancer gives the storyline emotional depth.  Their developing relationship gives The Piercer’s Game heart.  No need to read previous books in the series to enjoy this one, but they are all good too!

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