THE PILLAR by Kim Fielding

THE PILLAR by Kim FieldingThe Pillar by Kim Fielding
Genres: Historical, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Reviewed by Lisa

The town of Zidar prides itself on following many time honored traditions in a place where Christians and Muslims are able to live in relative peace. One such tradition concerns punishment at the town pillar.  Those found guilty are whipped and left for dead.  If they survive the ordeal the matter is over.  In the case of a slave being punished at the pillar, they are freed if they survive.


Years ago Faris was flogged for thievery and left to die at the pillar.  The healer cut him down, took him home and saved his life though Faris would always bear severe scars.  The elderly healer sees something in the orphaned thief and gives him the chance nobody else ever had.  Over time Faris learns everything his mentor can teach him about herbs and healing.  After his beloved mentor passed Faris becomes the town healer and follows the tradition of releasing those sentenced to the pillar.


Faris swore he wouldn’t continue the tradition after what happened the last time, but there he was on that cold, wet night cutting down the large, badly injured man with the obvious scars of wearing a slave collar.  It does take all of Faris’s formidable skills to save Boro from the flogging, as well as injuries and starvation caused by his previous master.  Once on the road to recovery the lonely healer discovers a kindred spirit in the arms of Boro, a captured soldier turned slave.  As Faris and Boro begin to accept the gift of finding each other, though under harsh circumstances, the ex-slave’s old master comes calling.  And guess what he wants back…


A simple tale gathers strength and evolves into a moral, honest romance in The Pillar.  Author Kim Fielding paints a moody, introspective story of redemption and love for readers to embrace.  Faris is a man of many layers, a complex man who saves Boro which saves them both in the end.  Enjoy The Pillar, a complicated, fascinating story that proves the power of love on so many levels.

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