THE PRINCE’S CONSORT by Antonia Aquilante

THE PRINCE’S CONSORT by Antonia AquilanteThe Prince's Consort by Antonia Aquilante
Series: A Tale of Tournai #1
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

The weight of a kingdom is a heavy burden for an honorable ruler.  Inheriting his crown at a young age, Prince Phillip Alexander Stefan Mael had relied on the wisdom of his uncle, Duke Umber for guidance in governing the Principality of Tournai as he matured.  Recently Phillip has begun to diplomatically wrest the reins of power now that he’s ready to make decisions on his own for the good of his people.


As Amory Arnau grew up he realized his best chance of having a good day involved avoiding his sire as much as possible.  Nothing Amory did was ever good enough or right in his father’s eyes.  The Arnau family has the distinction of being the sanctioned glassblowers for the royal family of Tournai.  Amory spends his days at college, sports, and secretly helping design in the family glassblowing factory.  Free time is spent with his childhood friend Tristan.


When Amory is caught kissing Tristan in the garden there are heavy and unexpected repercussions.  The very next day Amory is instructed to accompany his father on a visit to the palace.  Amory can’t believe what he’s hearing when his father offers him up to the prince for a night.  The tables are turned however after Prince Phillip insists on keeping the young man indefinitely.  Amory’s world is about to become more than he ever imagined possible.


Author Antonia Aquilante weaves a lush, quietly sensual adventure for readers in The Prince’s Consort.  Mysteries and danger challenge Prince Phillip and Amory at every turn in the exciting character driven plotline.  The excellent use of emotional ties and incredible chemistry aid in making The Prince’s Consort a truly enjoyable story. At every turn the lovers triumph over their adversaries with courage, honesty, and heart. Their love is exactly what makes The Princes Consort a Happily Ever After.

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