The Secret His Mistress Carried
by Lynne Graham

Published by Harlequin Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

Giorgios Letsos had a mistress before he married; however, she was not suitable for marriage to this billionaire.  He offered to keep her on as his mistress, and his new wife didn’t mind at all.  Yet, Billie had wised up and walked away as she was not about to be a kept woman for this man!  Giorgios had never gotten over Billie, who was the only woman who had ever walked away from him.  He had been searching for her and now that he is divorced, he means to locate the tantalizing woman and pick up where they had left off. Billie has other plans, and more to protect than just her fragile heart.  She knows she should have been more forthcoming with the handsome Greek, but she didn’t want to be the other woman: she wanted to be The Only One!


The Secret His Mistress Carried was classical Lynne Graham with a bit of a contemporary softening up for this Alpha Hero.  I got that Giorgios couldn’t understand Billie’s point of view in their relationship before, but he tried to see things differently over the course of The Secret His Mistress Carried.  I didn’t agree with Billie keeping her secret from Giorgios, and she knew she was wrong, but I felt that she made a point with her understanding of things in their previous relationship.


I enjoyed the little tidbits that Ms. Graham added to The Secret His Mistress Carried to fully flesh out Giorgios and Billie, as well as their stances on their differing viewpoints.

The secondary “villain” character in The Secret His Mistress Carried could’ve been fleshed out more, but then there isn’t ever really enough pages in these stories to give all characters a voice.  Do I like that the h in these tales always gives in so quickly to the male’s touch?  No, but then someone has to relent some in order to continue the story.  Girogios did go so far as to look for Billie in The Secret His Mistress Carried, rather than saying good riddance and keeping his pride intact.


Lynne Graham established two completely different personalities for Giorgios and Billie, and they were both at loggerheads at different times in The Secret His Mistress Carried.  However, they soon learned that they could maintain their individual identities while learning to lean on one another and respect the other’s view.


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