The Spur of the Platypus
by Jackie Nacht

Series: Venomous Mates #5
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Decades in the past scientists released a toxin over the human population.  The results were horrifying.  Many died.  Most who survived mutated into what became known as venoms, a human venomous hybrid.  A very small percentage was untouched and labeled anti-venoms.  Each subsequent generation has passed down their original DNA.


The time for action is here.  Factions of venom and anti-venom have united to retake Mission Territory.  Banded together they have a chance to reclaim their homes and gain a foothold from a powerful enemy.


Arriving at nearby Point Loma before the fight they are met by platypus shifters who’ve made the area their home.  Their leader Flex agrees to house their children and non-fighters.  They can stay there in safety as long as Prescott, an anti-venom also stays behind.


Recognizing Prescott as his mate the platypus shifter’s only thought is to protect him.  Unfortunately the anti-venom doesn’t see it that way.  He’s furious.  Flex doesn’t know that Prescott has been a warrior for his own little group for years.  Prescott is fully capable of fighting.


They may be fated mates but they are also strangers.  Who will take the first step?  Gracefully give in or defy destiny.


This sexy series strikes again.   In the fifth installment of the Venomous Mates series, The Spur of the Platypus matches a fun loving shifter with a prickly human mate.  The character driven story focuses of Flex and Prescott’s rocky romance rather than the battle to come.  Their love story flames and burns bright.  The Spur of the Platypus is a spicy addition to a unique, entertaining series.  Enjoy the mates as they emotionally combust.

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