THE SUMMONING by Seraphina Donavan

THE SUMMONING by Seraphina Donavan
The Summoning
by Seraphina Donavan

Series: Dragon's Lair #2
Published by Cobblestone Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Lily has been with her dragon shifter lovers, Remy and Philippe for about a year and they have been blissfully happy.  But it seems that the honeymoon is over now, as all three have been summoned back to the very home Remy and Philippe left.  The reason why – a challenge that Lily might actually be the mate of another set of dragons, who are family members of an old enemy of Remy and Philippe’s. 

Remy and Philippe agree to come with Lily but when they go back home, Lily has been kidnapped.  They arrive at their dragon home just in time to get Lily back, but they still have to answer the challenge in the ancient way – a fight in dragon form.  Lily has never seen her mates in their other form, but she soon finds that they are just as strong and domineering in this form as their human one and she loves them even more – if that is possible.  Once before Remy and Philippe left their ancient home to avoid any further fights, when this one is over will they once again turn their back on their dragon home?

Three lovers will be faced with ancient enemies and rules which will make them have to fight in order to keep what they have found.  Lily, Remy and Philippe will all learn just how strong their love is in The Summoning.   It was very obvious that the challenge that makes Remy and Philippe take Lily to their ancient dragon home is phony.  However, I found myself cheering for them to destroy the two dragons who dared to make a claim on Lily.  The jealously which was behind the challenge was an old and long standing one and I was very happy to see that Remy and Philippe put an end to it.  Even if I did feel slightly sorry for the two dragons who had been led to it by loyalty to their family.  Seeing that love not only ruled the day, but managed to give all three of them a missing part of Remy and Philippe’s lives back was a great ending.  The Summoning takes equal parts of passion and suspense and twists them together in a way which proves you really can go back home with love.

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