THE TRIALS OF GREGG by Stephani Hecht

THE TRIALS OF GREGG by Stephani HechtThe Trials of Gregg by Stephani Hecht
Series: The Lost Shifters #27
Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Reviewed by Lisa

Until the world as a whole learned of the existence of shifters John considered himself a freak.  As a Navy Seal John was well able to keep secrets, he planned to tell no one he turned into a lion.  An incident during training however meant the end of his life with the
Seals and a new, unknown future with others of his kind.

A good fighter and an even better shot hawk shifter Gregg has his own secrets to hide.  It’s up to him to take care of his younger sister Tiffy after his mother abandoned them to a drunken father several years ago.  His sister is ignored, but the verbal abuse Gregg endures is worsening.  Fear of losing his underage sister if his father is kicked out of the coalition keeps Gregg’s silent. 

Brought to the coalition HQ John is paired with Gregg to learn his way around the place.  The two quickly find they have a lot in common and mesh well together.  As John can attest to however, secrets have a way of coming out, at the worst time.  Losing Tiffy is not an option.

The Trials of Gregg focuses on another timely issue with dignity and honesty.  Likeable characters and a solid plotline hit a nerve when verbal abuse is acknowledged as demoralizing and demeaning.  This story adds a new layer to the series with irresistible Gregg and his stalwart mate John.  Excitement, passion, and drama are the hallmarks of The Lost Shifters series; The Trials of Gregg hits a home run.

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