The United & the Divided
by L. A. Witt

Series: Tooth and Claw #3
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Erotica, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Where do you run when there’s nowhere left to go? Tooth & Claw, Book 3Levi, Darius and Ian are on the run, but Levi’s wolf clan is the least of their problems. Levi’s now part vampire. Darius, a vampire for the last half century, is now part wolf. They have to feed on blood, but a bite will turn a human to a wolf. They’re left with only one option: find a group of wolves to live amongst...which is a challenge when the wolves want them dead. Finally, on a remote island off the coast of Alaska, they find a small community willing to let them stay, at least for the time being. The decision isn’t unanimous, though. Some are willing to destroy their own village to see them gone, and only at great risk do the three convince the townsfolk to lay down their Molotov cocktails. Yet just as the trio begins to trust they’ve at last found peace, one of the clan Elders learns that the island wolves are harboring them. And he’s going to make sure Levi, Darius and Ian fry under the deadly Alaskan sun. Warning: Contains a vampire and two vampire-wolves who are seriously over all this running around stuff. Also lots of bullets and fur flying, but you’d better believe the boys still find time to burn up the sheets.

On the run while leaving a trail of destruction and death in their wake vampire Ian and half vampire, half wolves Levi and Darius are nearly dropping with exhaustion and despair, waiting for more bullets to fly.

Their last hope is a small island of wolves off the coast of Alaska.  Not only do they need this sanctuary to rest, but because of Levi and Darius’s uniqueness they can only feed on wolves otherwise bloodlust and more death would follow. 

Levi’s grandmother and his cousin are attempting to broker a deal allowing them to stay on the island until their predicament can be sorted out with the clan Elders.  Most are willing to allow the trio to stay. A handful of wolves however decide to take matters into their own hands and once again Levi, Darius, and Ian are forced to flee.  They only know they can’t run forever, something has to give. Doesn’t it?

The conclusion of the Tooth and Claw series draws to a taut and dramatic climax in The United and the Divided.  Told in turn by Levi, Darius, and Ian the weary characters prove their love and devotion in this suspenseful finale.  Secondary characters also have standout moments in the storyline, showing their worth and perseverance.  The lovers’ exhaustive attempts at finding a safe place keeps the tale moving briskly and they barely get a chance for a sensual encounter between dodging bullets and fires. The United and the Divided offers a satisfying finish to a wild and woolly tale that featured every twist and turn imaginable.  Ian, Darius, and Levi certainly deserved happiness together after all they’ve been through.

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