THE VAMPIRE’S SPECIAL LOVER by Charlie RichardsThe Vampire's Special Lover by Charlie Richards
Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #16
Genres: Erotic, Gay, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Reviewed by Lisa

Memories of his mother’s death at the hands of feral shifters never left vampire Enforcer Vincent ‘Dobs’ Marche.  His father survived the vicious attack and helped fuel the hatred until the day he died.  Over time Dobs’ negative feelings for shifters lessened though his tolerance to be in their company is still slim and he certainly doesn’t trust them.

Eight months ago Dobs was in Stone Ridge during a shifter challenge and scented the blood of his ‘beloved’ or mate.  Knowing the scent belonged to a shifter Dobs chose to ignore the pull.  Ever since that night however he’s slowly been unable to tolerate the blood of donors. Dobs is literally starving to death.

When his fellow Enforcers realize what’s happening they are furious Dobs has let himself become so ill.  They insist on returning to Stone Ridge so that Dobs can face his beloved who turns out to be a wolf shifter named Franklin ‘Frankie’ Drunger.  The vampire quickly learns that Frankie also has issues and obstacles to deal with. The sooner Dobs figures out that holding onto prejudice will get nowhere with this very special wolf, the better. 

Bigotry and miscommunication set the stage for fated mates in The Vampire’s Special Lover.  Dobs and Frankie take turns misconstruing actions or comments by the other and cause unnecessary sorrow for both.  It is the realistic mistakes that make this book and this series so believable (within a paranormal world) for readers.  Rack up another entertaining tale with The Vampire’s Special Lover.  Between screw ups and insensitive comments Dobs and Frankie will find the way to romance. Promise.

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