THE WHOLE WAY HOME by Sarah Creech

THE WHOLE WAY HOME by Sarah CreechThe Whole Way Home by Sarah Creech
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by William Morrow


Joanne Lover is an up-and-coming country music singer.  She longs to be among the legendary ladies of the genre.  She has her whole stage persona laid out, and she tries to maintain that mask for all intents and purposes.  However, when J.D. Gunn, her first love, crashes back into her life and forces her to work with him, all bets are off.

J.D. Gunn’s road to success took a different route than Joanne’s path, and some would say he sold out for glory.  But now J.D. wants to return to what he holds value in and one of those things is the sassy Joanne Lover.  Joanne is proving to be more stubborn than an ass, but J.D. won’t give up without a fight!  When secrets from Joanne’s past threaten to see the light of day, the former lovers need to rally together and keep them covered but, in the end, would it really be so bad?

The Whole Way Home is a novel that gripped me from the opening pages and made me want to discover exactly what was going on with Joanne and J.D.  I wanted to know what secrets they held, why they broke up, and I wanted desperately for J.D. and Joanne to work for the happily ever after in The Whole Way Home.  Sadly, I was left wanting.  I found the secondary characters’ relationship more interesting, and J.D. and Joanne’s story left some holes and some dots that weren’t connected at all for me in The Whole Way Home.  I expected Joanne to be that feisty singer that she pretended to be, and I thought J.D. would be more giving and less wrapped up in himself in The Whole Way Home.  The big reveal and secret revelation by someone didn’t make any sense to me, because they didn’t really reveal anything. It was an assumption that was not published in a tabloid where the lines of fact and fiction are more fluid, but in a magazine that should have been more credible.


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