The Wickedest Lord Alive
by Christina Brooke

Series: The Westruthers #3
Published by St. Martin's Press Genres: Historical
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

Eight years ago, Lady Alexandra agreed to a marriage bargain in order to escape her father.  After running away the night the marriage was consummated, Lady Alexandra was no more.  She became Elizabeth “Lizzie” Allbright, the adopted daughter of a small town pastor.  Planning on returning to claim what is hers, she is shocked when her husband, the Marquis of Steyne, appears in the small town demanding an heir from her!


The Marquis of Steyne, Xavier Westruther, wed the young Alexandra in order to repay his mother’s debts.  Now, eight years on, he finds that he needs an heir to carry on the family name, and what better way than to track down his runaway bride?  Yet, Xavier soon finds there is more involved than just begetting that child, as someone intends to do him harm.  However, he isn’t too sure of how close that villain is to him or his wife.


The Wickedest Lord Alive was an interesting novel that seemed to be missing a little something for me.  I couldn’t understand how Lizzie could be half in love with Xavier so early on.  There was no real chemistry between the two characters, and I had a hard time dealing with him showing back up like that.  I had to continually remind myself that The Wickedest Lord Alive is a historical novel, and the contemporary female wouldn’t have the rights she enjoys back then.


The mystery and villain in The Wickedest Lord Alive was engaging, but I prefer my heroes to have more well-thought out plans and not be able to have the wool pulled over their eyes so quickly.  I’m still wondering why Xavier thought it would be a good idea to bring a baby into this mess in The Wickedest Lord Alive and not wonder about the safety of said child and/or mother!  Overall Lizzie and Xavier were two enjoyable characters, but he didn’t really seem too wicked as that was never really shown in The Wickedest Lord Alive, it was told.  Lizzie was really too good to be true and seemed a lot braver than her love match.  I’m kind of wishing that Xavier had been led on a more interesting chase in their HEA quest in The Wickedest Lord Alive.  Another sticking point for me in The Wickedest Lord Alive was a confusing scene in that we are given a point “A” and a point “C”, but no linear point “B” to show how we got to point “C”.

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