THIS YEAR’S BLACK by Avery Flynn

THIS YEAR’S BLACK by Avery Flynn
This Year's Black
by Avery Flynn

Series: Killer Style #2
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Allegra “Ryder” Falcon has always worked hard to keep her cracks hidden and only let the world see her tough side.  Now all grown up, Ryder works for her brother as one of his investigators and trains to be strong and fast enough to bring the bad guys down.  So, when she is given a new case, an embezzlement at a fashion house, Ryder goes in believing she won’t have any problems with people who worry more about what shoes to wear or which accessories are perfect for this outfit.  Ryder’s belief is that black covers each and every occasion and a good right-left will back her up just fine.


Devin Harris has had his feet in the tough MMA world as an up and coming leader, and now he is the right-hand man to a top world renowned designer and store owner.  Devin is beyond mad when it is discovered that someone has embezzled from the company, and this is the worst possible time for it to come out—just as an important merger is about to happen.  But more shocking to Devin is just who the investigator brought in is: the very woman he has a short-term fling with and then who disappeared from his world.


Ryder knows she has to work with Devin on this, but really, why does she have to be fitted-out like she cares about fashion to do her job?  Finding out who took the money was the easy part.  Now comes the hard part—bringing that person back and getting all the money back into the company before it is discovered to be missing.  The only way to do this without making everything public will involve Ryder and Devin going to a tropical island and using their combined knowledge of the fashion world, the human dark underbelly that involves danger and violence, all the while coming to terms with their attraction and keeping it from exploding into a passion-filled love.  There is a whole lot riding on Ryder and Devin taking down this embezzler and coming home safely besides the well-being of a company name and reputation.


Take a strong woman who hides her softness and a strong man who left a physical world for the fashion world, add in a lot of missing money, and a bright and shiny tropical paradise with a dark side, and you have This Year’s Black.  The chemistry between Ryder and Devin was apparent to me from the first, but I was amazed at how much they seemed to fight it at various times.  I really loved watching as Ryder tried to adapt to the fashion world and how Devin seemed to enjoy showing her that being soft at times was not a bad thing.  I also loved just how well they worked as a team when the danger was high and the fighting turned deadly.  I also had to smile when Ryder and Devin’s passion was given a head start by the islanders and how they handled it.  This Year’s Black was full of action-packed suspense, passion, and the right amount of lightheartedness, which made the story an interesting and enjoyable way to spend a night with.

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