THREE WISHES by Sean Michael

THREE WISHES by Sean MichaelThree Wishes by Sean Michael
Series: Rainbow Island #1
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

James, Guard, and Damien run a luxurious retreat where BDSM scenes flavor their guests’ vacation.  The clients request a fantasy and the trio set out to ensure every requirement is met.  At one time the threesome were lovers, but that was before a horrible accident left James in a wheelchair and Damien wracked with guilt.  Their love is longer a factor as far as James is concerned.  The other two are desperate to repair the damage if only they could.  Nowadays Rainbow Island is simply business, nothing more.


The first client they are expecting is Benji who’s been modeling since childhood.  Desperate to break free and start a fresh life Benji requests a master at tattoo and piercing to take control.  Simple if the master is strong enough to crack the stubborn shell the submissive has built.


As for the second fantasy Quinn secretly yearns to be dominated in a medical setting.  Ironically his partner Pierce is a doctor, but Quinn fears that his lover would be disgusted by his fetish.  Quinn is hoping to get the kink out of his system – with a stranger.


Finally, there is Alan and his longtime Dom Roman who has set up five specific scenes for the feisty submissive.  The scenes are geared for Alan’s pleasure.  Surely nothing can go wrong with the lovers exacting wishes.


The first book in the Rainbow Island series is a well crafted, intensely sensual storyline.  Three Wishes offers three stimulating fantasies and a snarled threesome relationship.  A clever mix of erotic BDSM and love wrapped up in Three Wishes.  All the hiccups, miscommunication, and romance lovers could desire.  Painful revelations and eye opening possibilities abound in Three Wishes.

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