Throwaway Mate
by Ellen Cross

Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher

Unloved and despised by his parents his entire life Aiden was grateful for the tenderness his brother and sister showed.  Aiden’s unusual talent with anything mechanical and the money he brought in was the only time they noticed him at all.  The day slavers took Aiden from his home was an entirely new horror.


Nine long months of hell on the planet R526 began.  Aiden, a handful of women, and several dozens of children were forced to hunt through garbage for tech.  Whenever he could sneak away Aiden worked on a derelict space junker until the day he and the other slaves escaped.


Managing to limp through space with its precious cargo to the planet Brylon, Aiden is barely able to land.  Between the decaying ship and Aiden’s injuries during the escape they are lucky to arrive in one piece.  Aiden’s last act is to lock himself in the cockpit and pray for death.  It’s time to end a life no one will miss.  Or so Aiden believes.


A powerfully wrenching, emotional journey is told in Throwaway Mate.  Such sorrow and heartache is felt within the pages of Aiden’s story.  His hero is discovered in the form of a medic on Brylon.  Their romance twists and engages the reader throughout.  The triumph of their relationship, as well as other surprises, make Throwaway Mate a real page turner.  Shoulder the pain and share the joy of this riveting tale.

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