TIGER MAGIC by Jennifer Ashley

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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TIGER MAGIC by Jennifer AshleyTiger Magic by Jennifer Ashley
Published by Penguin on 2013-06-04
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by Jo

He was once a captive, but his urges were never caged. Now he’ll release them on a beautiful stranger whose own secret desires are longing to be sated... He doesn’t have a name. He doesn’t have a clan. The humans who held him prisoner for forty years have taken them away. He knew nothing but captivity until nearly a year ago, when he was released into the light. Now Tiger lives in the Austin Shiftertown, where he struggles to belong and searches for an identity. Carly Randal thinks her fabulous life is complete—until her car breaks down on the side of the road, and a wild-looking Shifter is the only one to help her. Tiger takes one look at Carly and knows instantly—she will be his mate. As Carly is drawn into his Shifter world, she risks everything she has for that forbidden something she still wants: passionate love.

Tiger resides in the Austin Shiftertown now but his entire background is a blank.  All he remembers is that he once had a mate and a cub that died and that he was found in a lab.  Tiger goes about his daily life trying to fit in to the shifter town and follow its rules, the entire time knowing he is different from the other shifters.  One afternoon while on a run, he comes across a damsel in distress – literally.


Carly thought her fiancé was helping her out by lending her one of his cars to get to the gallery where she worked for an artist showing that was soon to begin  But that goes sideways when the car stops in the middle of nowhere and Carly is stuck.  Luck might be with her when a very sexy man shows up and, even better, he knows what’s wrong with the car and can do an emergency fix.  But that is the end of Carly’s luck that day because her biggest surprise comes when she arrives back at her fiancé’s house.


Tiger knows immediately that Carly is his mate and he also knows that he needs to go slowly so that he doesn’t scare her away.  When Tiger is hurt while protecting Carly, the only one who can calm him down is Carly.  If that isn’t enough to keep the Austin Shiftertown jumping, someone is after Tiger and the other shiftertown leaders are wondering if it’s wise to keep Tiger around in any of the shiftertowns.  Carly and Tiger are experiencing the passion that surrounds them the entire time that suspense is bearing down on them.  Determined to keep Carly safe and also everyone in the Austin shiftertown, Tiger sets out to discover just what in his background has people trying to capture him again.  Tiger might have found his answers and saved everyone but now it’s up to Carly to save Tiger if they are ever going to have the future that seems to be just at their fingertips.


A shifter with no history meets his mate only to have danger threaten their future in Tiger Magic.  Tiger is one of the strongest and most protective shifters I have met so far and I understood why the more I discovered about his history.  I enjoyed watching as Carly discovered the passion that she would have with Tiger and proved that shifters are people too, just with extra gifts.  I was hardly surprised to see who was behind the danger that seemed focused on Tiger and Carly. But I loved seeing how that was taken care of and that now maybe all of the shifters would be better off.  I really loved the romance that sprang up between Tiger and Carly and how they followed it to find the love that would lead them into their future.  Tiger Magic twists passion and suspense together with ribbons of humor and friendship leading to a story just brimming with love by the time the last page is turned.  With each book, I am loving Ms. Ashley’s shifters and the women and men who love them.

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