ANY TIME, ANY PLACE by Jennifer Probst

ANY TIME, ANY PLACE by Jennifer ProbstAny Time, Any Place by Jennifer Probst
Series: Billionaire Builders #2
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Gallery Books


Any Time, Any Place is the second novel in the Billionaire Builders series by Jennifer Probst but can be read as a standalone because that’s exactly what I did and didn’t feel lost at any moment. What really made me want to read Any Time, Any Place was actually the cover. It looked all lovey dovey so I definitely wanted to give this new series a try and I’m really glad I did.


Raven Hawthorne lost her father in a car accident when she was younger and was raised by her aunt. Finding out her father was gone was a big blow but to find out that he was headed to Paris with a married woman was worse. She swore one day she would get her revenge and she plans to stick to that. Raven has traveled to many places trying to find herself and now she has finally settled down in Harrington, CT and runs a successful bar. Her life is going pretty well until she comes across the deceased woman’s sons and she needs some answers but isn’t sure how to go about getting them. When Dalton starts to pursue her she turns him down many times but this might be the way in to get the answers she has been waiting years for.


Dalton Pierce lost his mother at a young age and since he found out that she was leaving his family he doesn’t trust women and just wants to have fun. Ever since he met Raven he knew she was different and sure is beautiful but he can see that there is more to her. He isn’t going to let her turning him down get to him but it’s taking a toll on his pride. When Raven needs her bar redone for a magazine shoot he sees this as the perfect opportunity to get to know her better and so far it’s working. But when the truth about their past comes to light Dalton has to decide if his new found love for Raven will make it through the storm.


Any Time, Any Place was a really fantastic read and right away I wanted to know more about Raven and Dalton. These two had so much in common it was kind of freaking me out but it’s because of those things they got closer. I thought Raven was the character that really developed the most. She went from being angry to wanting revenge then really wanting answers and coming to peace with what happened to her father. I really liked Dalton and was really rooting for him to win Raven’s heart even though she made it a little tough on him. From the beginning I could feel their chemistry and really enjoyed how Any Time, Any Place came together.


Any Time, Any Place was a cute read that had funny banter and also dealt with serious family issues that tied Raven and Dalton together. While I didn’t read the first book I plan to and I’m really interested in getting to know this family better. The Pierce brothers had great banter and showed that even though they are strong apart, they are stronger together. Ms. Probst took a tragedy that shook both their worlds and made this couple work together beautifully. Readers will be captivated by the Pierce brothers just as I was.

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