TO BE HUMAN by Pearl Love

TO BE HUMAN by Pearl Love
To Be Human
by Pearl Love

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Science Fiction
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Designation TM 05637 is born to fulfill a military purpose.  At the same time other boys his age are drawing stick people and starting kindergarten TM 05637 is learning to fire automatic weapons.  His entire life is controlled, from the bland nutrition he’s fed to heavy weapons and physical training, as well as studying military strategy and tactics.

General Woodard commands his entire life and doesn’t allow human emotion to jeopardize his pet project.


Over the years of his existence the good little soldier ironically bonds with Dr. Paul Anderson, the scientist who created him.  Secret discussions on morality, concepts of right and wrong, his creator becomes Father Paul to TM 05637.  The scientist in Father Paul is thrilled with his results while the humanity in him regrets many things.  In a valiant effort to change his creation’s bleak, robotic future Father Paul helps TM 05637 escape from the Facility.


Once free Tim is barely able to function in the real world.  If not for the kindness of a lonely store owner Tim wouldn’t have been able to evade the Facility’s secret manhunt or survived at all.  They’d invested billions in his development and won’t stop until he’s under their control again.  They certainly never expected Tim to develop emotional ties to others or feelings of love and commitment.  Their killer robot is loose and changing by the moment.  Getting him back is imperative, but what will they do when their robot is now Tim?


Like a newly budding flower unfurls it’s petals to the sun, so too does TM 05637 evolve into nineteen year old Tim within the powerful tale To Be Human.  Other than his dramatic escape from the Facility the beginning is dry and clinical like TM 05637 himself.  But the more people Tim becomes involved with and interacts with the more he blossoms and the story builds beautifully from there.  Poignant and intense, To Be Human will have readers rooting for Tim and the people in his life.  The ending is a cliffhanger so be ready for some frustration.  Having said that, To Be Human shouldn’t be missed and hopefully the next book is just as good.  This one is all heart.

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