TO BE LOVED by Pearl Love

TO BE LOVED by Pearl Love
To Be Loved
by Pearl Love

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Science Fiction
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Born as a military experiment TM 05637 was the only one to survive gestation and birth. He began training the moment he could hold a weapon and fire.  Dr. Paul Anderson, a brilliant genetic scientist was hired by the Company and conducted the DNA experiments under the supervision of General Woodard to create super soldiers at an undisclosed location in the desert.  They called it the Facility.  Over time Dr. Anderson became Father Paul to TM 05637, and more importantly the good doctor began to regret the lack of human emotion in TM 05637.  The scientist figured out a way for TM 05637 to escape and hopefully experience a real life.


If Tim hadn’t been concerned for his lover David Conley they wouldn’t have been captured by General Woodard.  On the run for months it was an act of human kindness which pointed the way for Woodard and his team to recapture their quarry.


Returned to the Facility Tim is drugged and coerced into fighting again though he continually resists his previous training and refuses to kill.  Meanwhile his lover
David is also being held in a sterile room where his only visitor is Woodard who delights in verbally tormenting the quiet businessman.  Kept in a room next to the incarcerated scientist David listens as Father Paul tells him of Tim’s horrific childhood.


Risking it all, Tim and David with Father Paul’s help take their shot at freedom.  Their lives teeter on a hope and the desire to be free once and for all.  To live and love in peace.


To Be Loved is the chilling, dynamic sequel to the powerful To Be Human.  The real possibility of experiments like Tim make for a thrilling, action packed story.  This tale manages to ring a potent emotional bell.  Tim and David’s love permeates To Be Loved.  It is their love which keeps this story going.  As for Paul, his cold demeanor allows for cracks of humanity which gives To Be Loved another interesting layer.  Heart wrenching drama and suspense from start to finish, To Be Loved is a terrific sequel.  It isn’t necessary, but the books should be read in order.

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