TO CATCH A THREEVE by Alexis Duran

TO CATCH A THREEVE by Alexis Duran
To Catch A Threeve
by Alexis Duran

Published by Loose Id Genres: Fantasy, MM
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Guarding a tipsy wedding party from the capitol of Breckenride to the town of Denmerra, Axel Blackwood was doing his best to watch out for trouble though his thoughts and eyes kept wandering to another in the group, Liam Alloway.  For as long as he could remember Axel has known that Liam is the only one for him. Secretly Liam’s feelings are exactly the same for Axel.  But with negative social acceptance they could never be together.


Rounding a deeply wooded area the group is attacked by Threeves.  The scourge of humans everywhere Threeves are evil woodland folk who persist in causing problems such as thievery and sometimes worse, death.  During the assault Liam is captured and taken by Threeves.  Later remains are found near the spot where he was seized and identified as Liam’s.


Seven years have passed since that tragic day.  Axel’s been promoted to a full Constable and works with Deputy Drummond Alloway, one of Liam’s older brothers on a regular basis.  Axel continues to grieve daily for his lost love and funneled his anger into learning white magic from a powerful witch in order to fight the Threeve.


Tasked with taking an expensive gem to a neighboring lordship the Constable knows they are being followed and sets a magical trap.  Catching the thief is relatively easy, acknowledging that it can’t be Axel’s lost love something else entirely.  The thieving Threeve is the spitting image of Liam, but how could that be possible?  He says he’s Bryn Darrow, half Threeve and half human, except he isn’t even sure about his past.  So many questions and so few answers.  Someone is setting them up for a mighty fall.  Axel would do just about anything to have Liam back, but pretending Bryn is his love?

Unraveling this mess and finding the guilty will take every bit of Axel’s skills in magic and the love in his heart for the man he lost so long ago.


To Catch a Threeve is an emotionally fraught original drama.  Each character comes to life within the story, Axel’s sorrow at the loss of his love, Liam’s joy of life, and Bryn’s anguish over his mixed feelings and questionable identity. There’s also a great adventure in To Catch a Threeve which brings another entertaining layer to the tale.  And finally the plot twists for the icing on To Catch a Threeve.

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