TO ENCHANT AN EAGLE by Amber KellTo Enchant and Eagle by Amber Kell
Series: Banded Brothers #3
Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Reviewed by Lisa

Eagle shifter Eaton Franks is thrilled his human brother and his croc shifter brother have found their happiness with mates.  Eaton’s future love life is considerably more complicated because he will as an eagle most likely bond during his first sexual encounter.  So, he’s got to get it right, no mistakes.

Barely surviving an attempted coup, hawk shifter leader Marty is literally broken.  Multiple fractures throughout his body including his spine make it extremely risky to attempt shifting in order to heal.  It will be months before Marty is healed enough to shift.  Going months without shifting could cause his hawk to go insane.  Either way Marty is in a bad place.

Eaton is pretty certain that Marty is his mate but until the hawk heals there’s nothing he can do about the situation.  Worrying about his hawk, Eaton enlists the help of college friend Gallen Theos, half sorcerer, half fae.  Unaware that Gallen has his heart set on Eaton becoming his bonded, the eagle inadvertently ties his life to the wrong one.  It’s up to a broken hawk and his friends to save Eaton from his own promise.

To Enchant an Eagle charms with an emotionally intense character driven drama.  The three characters form an intriguing triangle with Eaton in the middle.  Twists and turns in the plotline also keeps the tension level high.  Witty dialogue adds to this entertaining story as well.  An enticing blend of engaging characters and pack plot make To Enchant an Eagle a winner.

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