TO SARA – WITH LOVE by Lorna McKenzie

TO SARA – WITH LOVE by Lorna McKenzieTo Sara—With Love by Lorna McKenzie
Published by Samhain Publishing on 2014-06-17
Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

No good deed goes unpunished...When Sara agrees to do a favor for a good friend, she thinks she is righting a wrong. Replacing jewels stolen in a fit of pique, she is saving her friend from her step-brother’s wrath. But when she’s caught in the act, Sara learns the horrible truth—she is actually stealing the real jewels! When Grant catches the little thief with her hand in the safe, he decides to use what fate has dropped into his lap. Forcing her to pose as his fiancée to help ward off an aggressive old flame, Grant quickly decides to take the charade a step further and marry his little thief.But a marriage under false pretenses begins to feel all too real as Sara and Grant struggle to find a way to turn blackmail and deception into love.This Retro Romance reprint was originally published in May 1991 by Robert Hale, Ltd.

Innocent, trusting Sara takes pity on an old friend and agrees to help her out.  She needs to sneak into her old friend’s stepbrother’s house and exchange some real jewels for the paste ones that her old school chum took.  Sara feels that she is just righting a wrong.  However, Sara is soon caught in the act of taking the real jewels, and Grant isn’t about to let the little thief get away.  Grant sees the perfect opportunity to blackmail his little thief to help him dissuade the opportunistic ex who has her sights set on making him a side entrée.


To Sara – With Love is a reprint that is a pretty decent little read when you remember the set-up for these category romances.  I was ready to be carried away to Grant and Sara’s world in To Sara – With Love, and I found that I believed in their love.  Sure, I questioned the fact that big, bad, rich dude Grant needed to blackmail a woman just to get another off his back…all I can say is I wanted to believe that in To Sara – With Love, and so I did.


Grant and Sara really had some chemistry and, yes, she really was too innocent to be believed, but it worked in To Sara – With Love as well in getting all the characters what they wanted in the end.  Makes life easier if the one you are pulling the wool over doesn’t question what you are doing when you do it.  Things worked out well for all parties concerned in To Sara – With Love, and that made it a nicely tied-up package at the end, and a pleasant way to spend an hour.

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