TO SIN WITH THE TYCOON by Cathy Williams

TO SIN WITH THE TYCOON by Cathy Williams
To Sin With The Tycoon
by Cathy Williams

Series: Seven Sexy Sins #1
Published by Harlequin Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

Gabriel Cabrera is an emotionally, lazy playboy who doesn’t have to fight for any woman that he’s interested in pursuing.  Business is all that matters to him, the only thing that he truly fights for in the end.  However, he soon finds that his capable secretary is inspiring unfamiliar feelings in him, and he’s not quite sure how to handle them.  Alice Morgan had Gabriel pegged from day one.  She didn’t want anything to do with a man that fit the mold that her father set long ago.  She refuses to open herself up to the possibility!  However, Alice soon finds she needs to rethink her rules regarding her boss, and realize that her preconceived notions are not the standard to which all men should be judged.



To Sin with the Tycoon is a delicious boss/secretary romance that pushes the boundaries and tests the rules set by the participants.  I completely enjoyed the fact that any set rules that Gabriel or Alice had about the other needed to be readjusted as they pushed through their perimeters in To Sin with the Tycoon.


To Sin with the Tycoon had a few witty pieces of dialogue between Gabriel and Alice as they discovered more about each other.  However, I found there were long instances of inner ramblings that had me turning back the pages to pick up the thread of the characters dialogue and this tended to hamper the flow of To Sin with the Tycoon.


I liked that Alice and Gabriel had to grow and realize that not all situations and people should be judged by what they experienced, or assumed from situations early on in their lives in To Sin with the Tycoon.  Their road to HEA was a choppy one, but ultimately romantic.  When they realized where they stood in To Sin with the Tycoon and they took that leap of faith, I found that the extra mile that Gabriel was willing to go incredibly sweet.

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