To the Highest Bidder
by Caitlin Ricci

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher

Becoming a Star Pilot was the sky high wish of Thierry Leroux.  Of course it was a complete pipe dream because there’s no way he could afford to go even though he’d passed all the exams and gained admittance.  Thierry and his older brother were orphans surviving on Corbin’s talent as an aspasian or high priced companion and certainly didn’t have the credits to pay for the Intergalactic Star Pilot Academy.


When Corbin comes up with an outrageous way to make the necessary funds Thierry agrees.  He’s going to sell his virginity to the highest bidder.  The auction and the actual deflowering can all be done on the planet Wish with Corbin’s boss Monroe handling the whole thing.


Who knew Thierry’s virginity would be so popular and profitable because he makes enough to pay for everything at the Academy.  The only stipulation is that his benefactor remain masked and anonymous.  Thierry’s mystery man treats the virgin gently and makes the evening a night he’ll never forget.  Their time together was so special that when Thierry’s benefactor asks to meet again weeks later the Star Pilot student jumps at the opportunity.  Each time they meet he falls a little further.  If only he knew who was behind the mask.


One young man’s life is irrevocably changed after being sold To the Highest Bidder.  This futuristic tale begins with a hope and a dream and evolves into a risky relationship.  The truth however doesn’t set Thierry free.  And he’s the only one who hasn’t figured out who the masked man is.  Nevertheless the emotional drama builds well throughout and gives the reader a satisfying end.  To the Highest Bidder offers a unique relationship story that works, and works well for Thierry and his man.

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