Too Many Fairy Princes
by Alex Beecroft

Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Fantasy, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Happily ever after doesn’t always come quietly. Sometimes it puts up a fight. Kjartan’s family is royally dysfunctional. He’d prefer to ignore the lot of them, but can’t since his father has set him and his brothers on a quest to win a throne Kjartan doesn’t even want. Worse, his younger brother resorts to murder and forces Kjartan to teleport—without looking where he’s going. Art gallery worker Joel Wilson’s day has gone from hopeless, to hopeful, then straight to hell. One minute he’s sure his boss has found a way to save the floundering business, the next he’s scrambling to sell everything to pay off a loan shark. If anyone needs a fairy godmother right now, it’s Joel. What he gets is a fugitive elven prince in a trash bin. They’ll both have to make the best of it, because fairy tales run roughshod over reluctant heroes. Particularly when there aren’t enough happy endings to go around. Warning: This sweet romance contains a starving artist trying to scrape together a living, extreme sibling rivalry, royalty behaving outrageously, and elves being unreasonably beautiful, grotesque or deadly.

King Volmar of Vagar had been mortally wounded, however strong magic keeps him cognizant long enough to assemble his four remaining sons.  The fifth, his firstborn was disinherited and banned from the fairy kingdom long ago.  Volmar reminds the Princes that only one will rule when he is gone.

One is killed quite soon.  Prince Kjartan barely survives a murderous brother by escaping to Earth, London precisely, into a garbage heap.  It’s three hundred years since Kjartan last peeked in on the human dimension and things have certainly changed in more ways than he can count. 

The fairy kingdom tells stories of human cruelty and stupidity.  The stories might all be true b,ut the Prince is lucky to be found by Joel Wilson.  A young man with his own woes he nonetheless aids Kjartan, even renames him Kai.  They become the most unlikely of friends and later, more.  Together they change events in London and Vagar.  Amazing what a little act of kindness can do.

Fanciful, whimsical, and touches of irony put Too Many Fairy Princes above the crowd.  Joel is barely managing life when Kai stumbles or falls into his lap.  Engaging characters and interesting plot twists will keep readers enchanted with this original story.  Too Many Fairy Princes does the unexpected at every turn. 


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