TORN FROM THE SHADOWS by Yolanda Sfetsos

TORN FROM THE SHADOWS by Yolanda Sfetsos
Torn From the Shadows
by Yolanda Sfetsos

Series: Sierra Fox #6
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

All it takes is one goddess-affiliated demon to seal the deal. Sierra Fox, Book 4Sierra Fox knows better than to believe the demon-obsessed freakshow has given up on her. She’s settled into a nice routine of living with her sister, enjoying her relationship with a sexy werewolf, and staying on top of work—and always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Predictably, things start falling apart as she’s suddenly swamped with surprise visits and unwanted advances, and someone she despises wants her help. When a spook-catching training session goes horribly wrong, she encounters a man who’s not quite as dead as she’d hoped. Mace is now more than human and still determined to get his hands on her. But not if Sierra accepts the strengthening gifts her grandmother bestowed at her birth. Having the good guys put a price on her head is enough to ruin anyone’s day, but Sierra refuses to give up or give in. Even if it means exercising the last option on earth she wants. But claiming the ultimate power may not be enough to save the man she loves before his werewolf past destroys him. Warning: Phantasms, pookas, werewolves, and demons, oh yes! And a spook-catching heroine who must choose to take what’s rightfully hers—even if it means walking the shadows with a demon.

Sierra Fox has had many changes in the last few months and while she isn’t hoping for everything to be quiet, she is hoping for some time to spend with her werewolf boyfriend, Jason.  That was the wrong thing to hope for apparently because she is suddenly the place everyone wants to be.  Things start going downhill fast when what should have been a simple spook catching / training job turns into a deadly trap with spooks who have much more power than they should.  Sierra learns then that Mace isn’t dead after all and he isn’t human either.  To top it off, she also learns that the spook council is even more messed up than she believed.


If all that isn’t enough, Sierra has learned that she has a price on her head.  The chances of Sierra getting through all of this, even with the help of those around her is slim, unless Sierra finally accept the extra gifts that she has always had.  Sierra leans on Jason while she struggles to wrap her head around everything and learns by accident that her childhood imaginary friend wasn’t what Sierra always believed and that person was more of a loving protector.  All things come together when Sierra finally accepts what’s hers and goes after a group of spooks who are not only praying on children but also might be the solution to freeing her grandparents and others from the patch they have been stuck in.  Sierra knows it’s a one shot trip and if she can’t get in and out, that everyone stuck in that patch, herself included, will be lost forever.


When Sierra finally accepts all that she can be, it’s more than spooks who better watch out in Torn from the Shadows.  I have enjoyed watching as Sierra has grown from just being an independent spook catcher to accepting that her background and heritage gives her the ability to make a difference and maybe just save her corner of the world and those who reside in it.  Of course on the way I have come to love her sexy werewolf, Jason, and all the others who have become part of Sierra’s team.  Yes, the demons have not given up on trying to capture Sierra and her powers, but I know now that they are going to have a much harder time.  I loved how Sierra not only won’t give up on helping those that need her, but that she also will fight fiercely for those she loves.  This book turned out much different than I expected, but I’m looking forward to the next one and seeing Sierra and Jason, proving that they are a couple to reckon with.  No matter if they are kicking werewolf, demon, spook or even witch behinds to protect those that need it.  Torn From The Shadows is a book that takes suspense and passion to the outer limits, while proving to one young woman that she is so much more than she ever imagined.  This book definitely changed Sierra and Jason’s lives and I have a feeling that lots of people are not going to be happy when they start taking names.

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