Tristan's Lyceum Wolves
by Kym Grosso

Series: Immortals of New Orleans #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Menage, Paranormal
Source: Author


Kalli Williams is a devoted veterinarian.  Kalli is also hoarding a secret that she is determined to keep hidden from the paranormal world.  But it seems that destiny has other ideas as Kalli is forced to reveal her secret to the Lyceum Wolves pack.


Lyceum Wolves’ Alpha, Tristan Livingston is dedicated to ruling and safeguarding his pack.  So, when someone threatened his pack, Tristan’s solution is to track down and punish the perpetrators with a vengeance.  Not only did Tristan uncover the identity of the perpetrators; but, he also encountered his mate.  A mate who is determined to keep her distance from anything remotely dealing with the paranormal.


Will Tristan succeed in abolishing the enemy that is determined to destroy the Lyceum Wolves?  And, more importantly will he be able to convince Kalli that they are destined to be mates and to embrace her true nature?


Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves is the third installment in Kym Grosso’s Immortals of New Orleans series and this time werewolves are in the limelight.  The plot is filled with non-stop action, intriguing suspense, mystifying chaos, and deceitful treachery…all the makings of a fantastic novel.  From start to finish, this pager-turner kept me hanging on the edge of my seat with pure excitement and eagerness to discover just how the story would unfold.  It is amazing how meeting one’s mate can turn one’s life upside down and regardless of the internal fight, loner or not, love will not be denied between the couple.  This can be said for both Tristan and Kalli.  Due to their independent reasoning, neither Kalli nor Tristan wanted to be entrusted and bonded to another.  Nevertheless, that is exactly what happened.  It is highly entertaining watching this couple fall in love and vastly fascinating to uncover the thrill of the conclusion.  Ms. Grosso has successfully managed to keep me deeply involved in this series.  I cannot wait to dive into the next episode within this captivating saga!

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