TOUCH ME NOT by Genna Donaghy

TOUCH ME NOT by Genna Donaghy
Touch Me Not
by Genna Donaghy

Published by Loose Id Genres: BDSM, Fantasy, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Waterstone Inc. may be trying to buy up all the land outside of town, but Jake Alric would rather be damned to hell than sell the small ranch his father left him.  Not only is Jake attempting to hold onto his homestead, he’s also trying to hide the fact that he’s a submissive and not the Dominant everyone believes him to be.  If the oil company figures out that he’s a submissive it will give Waterstone added leverage to take his ranch away.

A single act of kindness almost ruins everything when Jake helps a stranger one late night.  After watching his Dominant father destroy his sensitive submissive mother the last thing he wants is to soul bond and lose his freedom.  Hopefully the drunken businessman won’t remember what Jake looks like or the jolt of bonding when he accidentally touched the man.  When Jake discovers who the stranger is the next day it is doubly important to remain anonymous.  Keeping silent is the only way Jake can control his own life.

Enjoy a fascinating alternate reality where human life is determined by an intangible you have no control over.  Touch Me Not allows D/s to take the place of fate or love matches.  Jake has secrets and good reason to avoid a partner.  Dominants for the most part are portrayed as power hungry, negative personalities rather than honorable and decent.   An original love story with real drama and an edgy intensity, Touch Me Not is terrific escapism.

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