TRUST NO ONE by Jayne Ann Krentz

TRUST NO ONE by Jayne Ann Krentz
Trust No One
by Jayne Ann Krentz

Published by Putnam Genres: Suspense
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Grace Elland has had several jobs, but she finally believes she has found the one for her.  She currently works for a very well-known motivational speaker, Sprague Witherspoon, as the person in the background making sure that everything runs smoothly.  Grace is one of the three women who run Sprague’s office.  All is going great until Grace discovers Sprague dead in his home.  Now, not only has Grace lost her job, but she is at a loss on what she wants to do with her life.  When she has a chance to move back to her hometown, Grace does this to take the time she needs to plan out her future.


Julius Arkwright is a former Marine and a venture capitalist.  Making money comes easily to Julius, but relationships not so much.  If Julius decides he wants something, then he goes for it in business, and it usually turns out golden.  When Julius meets a new woman in town and learns about Grace and her background, he is intrigued.  Julius soon decides that he wants to get closer to Grace and see where it leads.


Grace can’t figure out why such a handsome and wealthy man would look twice at her, but she can’t deny that Julius keeps turning up at just the right times.  She also can’t deny the attraction between herself and Julius.  As Grace begins to come up with an idea on what she wants to do, suspicious things start happening and placing Grace in danger.  This is something that Julius is not about to let happen, and he puts all of his skills both as a businessman and as a former Marine to use to keep Grace safe.  Grace has always looked at the bright side of everything, while Julius has a very skeptical view of the world, but for Grace.  The danger is getting closer to Grace as she and Julius put all of the clues together and discover not only who is out to harm Grace, but also who murdered Sprague and why.


When a woman who always see the glass half full gets together with a man who see the glass as half empty and plots on how to own the glass, sparks will fly.  Grace and Julius figure out how to bring their differences together in Trust No One.  Several times I wondered how Grace could always be so positive even when faced with danger.  At the same time, I wondered if Julius could lower his walls enough to accept Grace and her sunny personality.  I didn’t need to worry about either Grace or Julius as their journey rolled along.  I really enjoyed watching as Grace showed Julius that helping people ‘just because’ was a good thing, just as I enjoyed watching as Julius showed Grace that not everyone in the world had good intentions.  As the suspense grew thicker, I really loved seeing the true partnership that Grace and Julius had created and the love that was the backbone to that partnership.  Trust No One is packed with suspense and passion that will keep you turning the pages until you learn just who done-it.

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