TRYING TO SCORE by Toni AleoTrying to Score by Toni Aleo
Series: Assassins #2
Genres: Contemporary, Sports
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Published by Loveswept



Trying to Score is second book in the Assassins series by Toni Aleo and I already can’t get enough of this series! It’s fun, emotional and keeps me up way past my bedtime. This story was done a little different then Taking Shots but I was very pleased on how Ms. Aleo approached not only the subject of addiction but the subject of dyslexia as well. What surprised me was that this is the first time Lucas and Fallon are introduced but I can see Aleo will have them making many appearances in future Assassin books.


Seven years ago Lucas made the mistake of his life by letting Fallon go but now that they are in the same state Lucas is officially making it his mission to win her back. It’s not going to be easy and he knows Fallon might never get passed his betrayal, but he has to try since he has never gotten over her. With some obstacles in the way he’s ready to fight and playing fair isn’t part of his plan.


Fallon is trying to make a name for self and branch off from her families company. She has her head on straight but when Lucas shows up all bets are off. This man can make her crazy and yet want to shed her clothes in the blink of an eye. There is just one problem, Fallon has been keeping a big secret that won’t only change how Lucas might see her but if they will get their happily ever that was cut too short seven years ago.


Fallon and Lucas were just awesome characters and for so many reasons I loved them. They fight hard and love harder which was honestly one of the reasons I enjoyed them so much. They both are passionate and had a real fire between them. One minute they are arguing the next ripping off each other’s clothes. And those scenes are freaking hot!! The parts where Lucas is trying to win back Fallon were truly unique and so out of the box that they stood out. Since this happens to be a second chance at love story I was so glad the flashback scenes were added in. I thought it not only helped me understand them more as individuals but them as a couple.


While this story did have great dialogue, humor and fun times I found this story to be on the emotional side and their story brought me to tears on many occasions while reading. Some things were reiterated throughout the story and in my opinion could have been taken out and the story still would have been just as enjoyable. I’m such a sucker for second chance love stories and with secrets added in I can’t help but always root for that couple and this is one couple I will always remember.


Trying to Score was a pleasure to read and the more time I spend with this amazingly written characters the more I am tempted to jump into this series just to be one of them. I can honestly say I can see this series going on for a very long time and I can’t wait for the next book in the Assassins series.


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