TWICE IN A BLUE MOON by Shannon West

TWICE IN A BLUE MOON by Shannon West
Twice in a Blue Moon
by Shannon West

Published by Dark Hollow Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
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At one time Det. Sergeant Kevin Bryson was partnered with Lt. James Tucker at the Panama City, Fla. Police department.  At one point Bryson admitted to Tucker that he’d fallen for him but never pushed things further after the Lt. refused him.  They worked well as a team until Tucker lost his mind and ran off with a man he barely knew.


It was bad enough that Tucker threw his career away, their friendship meant something to Bryson and he feared that his partner had been swallowed up by a cult of some kind.

Using the skills he’d learned on the force Bryson tracks his friend down and finds more than he ever imagined, including a man he can’t shake from his head no matter how hard he tries.  There’s something about the man they call Richard that draws Bryson in, body and soul.  The detective is about to learn the truth.  Unfortunately he’s not going to like the price it takes.  Unless of course Richard can change his mind.


Bursting with secrets, Twice in a Blue Moon keeps the characters guessing and the reader enthralled.  Bryson’s tenacious attitude lands him in big trouble in Book 8 of the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack series.  Like a dog with a bone the detective refuses to let up and then fights against all the answers.  Add in the highly sensual nature of these wolf shifters and readers have an addictive series.  Twice in a Blue Moon offers a hot, hot twisty adventure to truly enjoy.

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