Tyler's Teacher
by J. M. Snyder

Published by JMS Books LLC Genres: Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Jason Peters is a young widowed father whose son, Tyler, is a precocious first grader starting a new school in the middle of the term. His new teacher is Greg Boucher, a man near Jason's age who is incredibly attractive. For the first time since his wife's death, Jason finds himself interested in the possibility of a romantic relationship. It seems Greg feels the same. At a parent/teacher conference, Jason admits he's gay, and to his surprise, Greg asks him out on a date. They spend a wonderful evening together, but when morning dawns, Jason realizes things can't move forward between them unless his son is comfortable with the arrangement. Will Tyler understand Jason's interest in his teacher? Or will Jason have to choose between what he wants and what's best for his son?

A new home unfortunately means a new school for seven year old Tyler Peters.  It also means his widowed dad Jason gets to start over explaining his single status to everyone.  Meeting Tyler’s teacher for the first time gives Jason a tingle he thought long gone.  And, luckily for Jason, teacher Greg Boucher seems interested too.

It’s been four years since his wife Lisa died and even more years since he indulged in a gay relationship.  Maybe it is time to start dating and start living honestly with his desires.

The sweet and the sour blend well in Tyler’s Teacher where a new relationship helps to heal a past sorrow.  The lead characters ring true and Tyler doesn’t come across as ‘too cute’.  Jason and Greg definitely begin something special, but there’s very little if any actual, ahem, action.  Tyler’s Teacher is a gentle, new beginning with a lovely cast.  

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