UNBREAK MY HEART by Lorelei James

UNBREAK MY HEART by Lorelei James
Unbreak My Heart
by Lorelei James

Series: Rough Riders Legacy #1
Published by Ridgeview Publishing Genres: New Adult
Source: Reviewer



If you are a fan of James’ Rough Riders series like I am hopefully you remember Boone and Sierra. Well the wait is finally over and these two characters are finally getting their own story! Unbreak My Heart is everything I thought it would be, if not more. Now that Boone West is back from the Army he is ready to win back the girl he left behind seven years ago, but Sierra is a Mckay and they are known for their stubbornness.


As soon as I started this story I couldn’t put it down. Hell, I didn’t want to put it down and literally stayed up all night reading it. As always when I start a New Adult series I get a little iffy on how it is going to turn out but once it got going the more I fell in love with Boone and Sierra. As a matter of fact this didn’t feel like a New Adult story to begin with but it felt like another addition to the Rough Riders series. And can I just say I really like the name Boone.


We are reintroduced to Sierra and Boone, but we do meet some new characters that helped bring them together again. The second generation of the McKay family are just as fun, flirty and as much trouble as the original ones in the Rough Rider series. These boys are a real treat and I loved their banter. I can already say I am waiting to see who the next book will be about.


Now back to the couple at hand… I just loved these two and seriously just gushed over them. In a way they both changed in the past seven years, but I was glad to see that they still had that same connection between them. After finishing a story I always feel it could have gone a few ways but I was pleased how James had this one turn out. Like Boone, I believed these two were fated to be together and not because of their past but because what are the chances that you haven’t seen a person in seven years yet run into them in two different states? See, fated.


The first thing I really noticed about this story was that it was done in dual povs because, let’s face it, I love to know how the characters are thinking and feeling in certain situations. Sure there was some awkwardness between them but once they started to get to know each other all over again the friendly banter resurfaced and so did some really hot scenes. The love scenes aren’t just hot but fan yourself hot! The love scenes and banter helped balance out some emotional moments. I was actually surprised at some of the things that came up and really wanted to weep for childhood Boone.


Boone has been added to my book boyfriend list and not just because he was in the Army but because he was sweet, romantic and had this insecurity about him when it came to what Sierra might think of him. Sierra grew up to be a smart and successful business woman who was also independent. I really respected the hell out of her for accomplishing so much in just a short amount of time.


Once Boone is back in Sierra’s life their relationship starts to pick up speed and I really loved how they just rolled with it. They were both really determined to make it work and it did for them. Sure they had ups and downs, but the way they came together at the end of the day just made it special.


After yelling at myself that I finished this so fast I really enjoyed every moment of Unbreak My Heart. I can’t wait to dive deeper into this series and I am determined to stalk Ms. James at least once a week to see when the next book will have a release date. Unbreak My Heart was the perfect introduction for what looks like a promising and addicting new series.

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