UNDEAD AND DONE by MaryJanice Davidson

UNDEAD AND DONE by MaryJanice DavidsonUndead and Done by MaryJanice Davidson
Series: Undead #15
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group


Queen Betsy, the leader of all vampires, aka Elizabeth Taylor, no not that one, has managed to slip and slide out of one disaster after another ever since she was turned by a pack of vampire Fiends several years ago.  With the help of her beloved, well most of the time spouse King Eric Sinclair and his minion Tina, the Queen was revealed just as the prophecy foretold and the vampire population rejoiced. Well some of them might have, maybe.


They have secretly been living with Queen Betsy’s best friend Jessica in her mansion along with zombie doctor Marc and a human who sees ghosts, as well as a revolving door of werewolves and other unusual people.  The latest is the best of all, Betsy’s half brother BabyJon who is mostly human.  And as long as everyone in the mansion keeps their hands off Betsy’s shoe collection the world will be safe.


The bane of their non-existence is Queen Betsy’s other half sibling, yes, their daddy is a ho, is Laura. The Antichrist.  That’s right, the daughter of the devil is related to the Queen of the vampires.  Small world, go figure.  Laura has made several attempts to destroy her sister, but she’s also deeply religious and sometimes feels guilty for her actions.  After recently losing her birthright to Betsy, yes that’s right her sister is now the Queen of Hell too, all bets are off.  Laura has announced to the world that vampires exist.


The decision to agree to an interview with a local reporter backfires on Queen Betsy big time.  The vampires are up in arms and coming to town. Betsy’s allies the Wyndham werewolf Alpha family are furious too with her announcement. A mermaid with a doctorate who speaks for the underwater citizens isn’t happy either, though in all fairness she never seems to be cheerful to Betsy.  In essence, all Hell is breaking lose, yes, it’s laughingly true.  Trying to appease the masses and fix this mess may take more than Betsy can accidentally conjure up.  Then again, don’t ever count the Queen of Hell and the Vampires out.  At least until the next shoe sale at Jimmy Choo.


The Undead series reaches a fitting ending with a gathering of the entire irreverent, outrageous cast of characters. The Antichrist has played her last hand and Betsy’s left holding the bag in Undead and Done.  Profane, ludicrous, the list goes on in this highly addictive laugh out loud storyline where an improbably young woman became Queen of the Undead and the world has gone sideways ever since.  Undead and Done wraps up a truly wackadoo, yes it’s a word, wonderfully inventive, seriously entertaining series.

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