UNDER HIS WINGS by Naima Simone

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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UNDER HIS WINGS by Naima SimoneUnder His Wings by Naima Simone
Series: Dark Judgement #1
Published by Ellora's Cave on 2013-01-23
Genres: Erotica
Reviewed by Jo

Warrior, lover...savior. A winged avenger with chocolate feathers and lavender eyes haunts Tamar Ridgeway's dreams-her erotic escape after surviving a horrible plane crash and enduring years of painful physical therapy. But fantasy becomes terrifying reality when she's attacked by a mythical creature from her darkest nightmares. Now her sexy dream warrior is vowing to save her, whether she wants his protection or not. Nicolai Abioud, judge and executioner of the hippogryph, is stunned when the woman he rescues is the same who submits to him nightly in his dreams...and a replica of his dead wife. He's fascinated by her beauty and spirit, consumed by the craving to touch...to take. Yet he lost his one true bondmate five hundred years ago. And falling for a human-no matter how beautiful-is a foolish risk. But the choice to love may be snatched away. Danger is closing in. They must conquer their enemy and fears, or be doomed to lose the love of a millennium. A Romantica(r) paranormal erotic romance from Ellora's Ca

Tamar Ridgeway is a teacher who has been dreaming very erotic dreams lately of a warrior who protects his people and who seems to love her.  One unusual aspect of this lover is he has wings and can shape shift into another creature.  Tamar has no idea who this man is and why she has started dreaming of being his lover, but after an accident that almost took her life that is exactly what happened.  Tamar has begun to think of her dream lover as her guardian warrior.

Nicolai Abioud is a hippogryph and he is also his people’s Dimios – the judge, jury and executioner of those who go rogue.  Nicolai is very old and he has experienced many highs and lows during his life and his job as the Dimios.  One of those lows was when a rogue murdered his wife.  Now he is on the hunt for a rogue that hurts more than most, it’s a warrior that Nicolai trained himself.  The actions of this rogue have made the hunt very personal to Nicolai.

The night that Tamar agrees to go out with friends turns her world upside down.  Her best friend is murdered in front of her and then she is rescued by her dream warrior – a man that Tamar never expected to be real.  Nicolai can’t believe his eyes when the woman he rescues is the exact replica of his dead wife.  As Tamar heals, Nicolai learns that she is very different than his wife, but those very differences seem to attract him with a passion that is more than he has ever felt.  The danger surrounding Tamar seems to center on Nicolai and the rogue he is chasing.  During the time Nicolai and Tamar spend together, the passion from the dream level explodes on the physical level.  If their passion is to have any chance of a future, then Nicolai and Tamar will both have some serious decisions to make and soon.  Even if they can figure out a way to have the future just out of reach, there is also that murderous rogue that has Tamar in his sights and Nicolai’s pain as his goal to defeat.  Do they even have a chance at that love?

Erotic dreams come true when two lonely hearts suddenly find each other as danger comes hunting.  Under His Wings shows Tamar and Nicolai that anything is possible when love leads the way.  I knew that Tamar deserved the best future possible after discovering all she had been through and I quickly thought the same thing about Nicolai as I learned his background.  A murderous rogue might have brought them together, but I knew it would only be through their ability to overcome all obstacles that would keep them together.  I was not surprised when Tamar proved just how much she trusted and loved Nicolai when that danger was facing her.  Nor when Nicolai proved that their partnership was more than just words and passion.  Under His Wings takes murder and erotic passion, mixes it up with a bit of suspense and achieves a future for two people who truly deserved a second chance at life and love.


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