THE UNDERCOVER PET by Samantha Cayto

THE UNDERCOVER PET by Samantha CaytoThe Undercover Pet by Samantha Cayto
Series: Alien Slave Masters #6
Genres: Menage, MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Young human Ben Miller has volunteered for a dangerous, possibly deadly mission to help the alien Travians put an end to a rebellion which will affect both races. His understanding of their computer systems makes him the perfect choice, but if he’s caught Ben won’t survive.


At one time Kath was a high born son in a prosperous Travian family.  One mistake, one lack of judgment ruined the life he knew.  Banished from his home Kath became a lowly sex slave in order to live.


As for Dane, he has fought his way to become second-in-command to the leader of the rebellion.  In truth he is the cosseted, bored son of a Travian high born.  He secretly volunteered for the mission to end the rebellion before the death count rises higher.


On a distant, humid planet the rebellion gains strength and bides their time before mounting another attack against the Travian leadership.  Ben, Kath, and Dane are all placed in position.  Each is set to do their job.  Working together they can make a difference.  If they knew the truth of their allegiance…


Complex situations arise for three strong characters in the latest Alien Slave Masters story.  The Undercover Pet is the climatic, edgy book readers have been waiting for.  Difficult, sometimes hard to swallow drama comes to a head, but the abuse is a realistic plot point for The Undercover Pet.  Intensity and darkness keep readers riveted to an explosive climax.  The Undercover Pet hits the bull’s eye for this gritty series.

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