HIS UNDERCOVER PRINCESS by Avery FlynnHis Undercover Princess by Avery Flynn
Series: Tempt Me #1
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC


Elle Olsen is a stylist for a top department store, and she is trying to find something that her current client would agree works for him.  Who would have thought a financier and one of the world’s top bachelors would be so hard to style.  Elle has no idea that her client has another mission besides being styled— like to kidnap Elle and force her to go back to a past nightmare.  After all, most people believe that Princess Eloise of Elskov died long ago.


Dominick Rasmussen has worked undercover as part of the Elskov resistance ever since the coup that destroyed Elle’s family and put her on the run.  Dom  may not be a citizen of Elskov officially, but that has nothing to do with finding the princess and helping her take her true place back on the throne of Elskov before her next birthday,  which is only a few days away.


Dom knows that time is not on their side, especially when the mastermind behind the coup is out to make sure Elle does not make it to Elskov on time.  Elle has no desire to return to the land that destroyed her family, but a few days with Dom does two things to Elle.  The first is it shows her that she wasn’t forgotten and left alone as she has always believed, and the second is it shows her that love can happen even at the most unconventional times and ways.  Danger has followed Elle and Dom to their safe house and, after an attack, it takes all both Dom and Elle have to get Elle on the throne safe and sound and to defeat the person who destroyed Elle’s world in the first place.  All Elle has to do is believe in Dom and the impossible and be the same feisty woman who took the world by the hand and became a top stylist when she had nothing at all to believe in.


Secrets, betrayals, and unexpected passion take two seemingly mismatched people and shows them love can top all in His Undercover Princess.  I was as mad as Elle at first when Dom took her—that is until I understood what was behind it and saw just how Dom felt for Elle from the instant they met.  I also had to feel for Elle in all that had formed her over the past several years and totally understood her stance on becoming the princess once again.  Watching as they found love while circumventing the danger that surrounded Dom’s mission and Elle’s life told me that it would take one heck of a battle to stop them.  That battle happened, but it was Dom and Elle who came out on top.  I really loved how Elle turned the tables on Dom and how they both found a way to let their love burn bright.  His Undercover Princess takes royalty, passion, and danger to the highest level while bringing Dom and Elle together to right past wrongs and to give them a happy ever after against all odds.

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