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THE UNICORN SAID YES by T. A. ChaseThe Unicorn Said Yes by T. A. Chase
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

All alone, sitting in a booth at the bar Unconventional, Carney Ferguson celebrates his 25th birthday trying to enjoy his first taste of alcohol.  Growing up with a large brood of siblings who were sheltered and homeschooled Carney has had little to no experience with anything resembling relationships.  He’s twenty-five and still a virgin.


Taking a break from the responsibilities of the herd unicorn Alpha Ivan Brusilov has left his brothers in charge while he blows off some steam at one of his favorite bars.  It’s hard work to keep the herd safe and happy, but Ivan’s been doing a good job of it for over a century.  At one point unicorn shifters were hunted to near extinction.  With the help of other shifter groups they’ve made a slow and steady recovery though they continue to be careful.


It doesn’t take Ivan long to spot the young man nursing a drink.  For some reason the alpha is drawn to him which is explained when Carney blurts out he’s a virgin.  Ivan thought it was a myth that unicorn shifters desire virgins above all else, but after meeting Carney he knows the legend has merit.


They agree to meet again at Cleveland National Park in order to spend more time getting to know each other. Carney is ready for the man who touches his heart while Ivan believes he’s found his mate.  Unfortunately, there are others who have plans far from love and commitment.


A satisfying sweet and sexy little tale. Taking readers on a dangerous ride The Unicorn Said Yes twists and turns with deadly accuracy.  Engaging characters tentatively begin to explore their feelings before the storyline grabs hold and ramps up to an expected though still riveting climax.  Carney and Ivan absolutely triumph in The Unicorn Said Yes.

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