UNSAID by Avery Aster

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UNSAID by Avery AsterUnsaid by Avery Aster
Series: The Manhattanites #3
Published by Self Published Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Source: Author

The recent debacle of Blake Morgan III divorcing Diego Oalo continues to headline the society and gossip columns of NYC.  Blake has no intention of letting anyone, including his closest friends know the true extent of what his husband subjected him to during their farce of a marriage.


At the same time Blake is trying to get his life back together another close friend is trying to sort through all the chaos of her upcoming wedding day.  Lex Easton and her Italian prince Massimo Tottino already have a beautiful son and a clothing empire, yet somehow planning her nuptials is beyond Lex’s control.


Blake meets with friends one evening to drown his sorrows and playfully comes up with his Seven Desires, a sexual bucket list of sorts. He might not take the list seriously, but when Miguel Santana, a successful artist, receives a text of the Seven Desires from a mutual well meaning friend he decides to give Blake exactly what he wants and needs. Miguel has secretly yearned for Blake since the moment they met.  He stood by when his friend married that idiot.  This time Miguel will make sure Blake is satisfied and more importantly, his.   Then, they will attend Lex’s wedding together.


Step onto the roller coaster ride that is Unsaid, and hold on tight.  Flip between the emotional drama and sexual awakening of Blake Morgan III and the tumultuous marriage of Lex Easton and her Massimo as the outrageous Unsaid unfolds.  A huge cast of over the top characters vies for attention in this extremely busy plotline.  Blake and Miguel embark on a detailed BDSM experience.  Lex takes another path altogether.  While the end result for these characters is romance and love their journey is overstuffed and sometimes uncomfortable.   Unsaid has great intentions, but too much is going on…to truly enjoy this story.

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