THE UNTAMED PET by Samantha Cayto

THE UNTAMED PET by Samantha CaytoThe Untamed Pet by Samantha Cayto
Series: Alien Slave Masters #3
Genres: Futuristic, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing


On New World Colony Stuart McKay was always a step behind the other boys his age.  He was the last one picked for any project. In an effort to be one of them Stuart ended up aboard a Travian star ship, a slave along with the other boys.  At first Stuart was chosen by 1st Officer Garen who took great pleasure in beating and viciously raping the young teen.  Stuart was brutalized daily.   An act of heroism by the human teens changed their lives for the better and Stuart became known as Mac as he was given to a kinder Travian, the navigator Narith who took the time to gently ease the traumatized teen into becoming a Travian pet.


Word is received aboard ship that Narith’s mate, the Lady Orianna, has miscarried.  The navigator is immediately given permission to return home and decides to take Mac along with him.  Narith is dismayed to learn that his mate has also taken a second mate, Rone as is her right.  Arriving at Orianna’s estate it takes barely a moment to realize she’s already pregnant with Rone’s child.


Narith does everything he can to re-establish his place in his mate’s life, but he’s finding his easy relationship with Mac a distraction and nothing is going as planned.  Mac is hurt, Narith is wishing he was back onboard his ship with Mac, while Orianna is clearly over her first feelings for Narith.  When disaster strikes all the navigator can think about is saving his little human pet.


Such a unique, sometimes chilling look at otherworldly life.  In The Untamed Pet emotions are running high as reality takes flight for Mac and Narith.  An exciting escape from reality, The Untamed Pet is fascinating, fanciful and compelling.  The third Alien Slave Masters book is also sometimes uncomfortably brutal with the alien’s attitude towards sex with the pets.  The Untamed Pet has great dignity and hidden love.  Darkness too, though nothing too hard to handle.

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