Unwrapping the Alpha's Mate
by Charlie Richards

Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

The Ponder brothers recently joined the Tamang pack after younger brother Crain mated with one of them.  Elder brother Richard has good reason for keeping to the outskirts of the wolf pack after scenting the new Alpa long distance.

The old Alpha is stepping down and his son Abbott is taking over which isn’t going over well with a few members of the pack who believe the Alpha should only be picked after a challenge to the death.  Richard made the decision to stay in the background to listen to rumors and get closer to the troublemakers in order to protect the wolf who is his mate.  He also plans to fight for open positions of beta and enforcer when the time comes.  Close to his mate in bed and pack hierarchy.

Of course when Abbott discovers that his mate has been around for weeks without identifying himself to the new Alpha…well, it’s going to take some fast talking on Richard’s part to keep him from being punished by his very angry mate.  Not telling Abbott is going to land Richard in the proverbial dog house.

Break out the ice – this one is scorching hot!  Readers follow Richard and Abbott’s sexy romance in Unwrapping the Alpha’s Mate, book 15 in the addictive Kontra’s Menagerie series.  A straightforward good guy outsmarting the twisty bad guy kind of tale with engaging characters bent on love.  As they figure out their relationship the couple take time for some truly erotic encounters certain to curl your toes.  Unwrapping the Alpha’s Mate chalks up another entertaining tale.

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