UP ALL NIGHT by Lyric James

UP ALL NIGHT by Lyric James
Up All Night
by Lyric James

Series: Beach House Nights #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Interracial
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Nikita Steele

Stella Lewis is determined not to end up like her mother; a reckless woman who moved from man to man without care for the impression that it left on her young daughter.  As a result, Stella rarely dates and solely focuses on growing her antique business.   So, when her best friend invites her for a weekend getaway at her beach house, Stella is over the moon at the opportunity to discover the hidden treasures in the attic.  What Stella did not expect is to be sidetracked by an alluring temptation of the handsomely, annoying playboy, Ian Hollis.

For three years, Ian Hollis has been trying to catch the attention of Stella Lewis but she refuses to give him the time of day.  Nonetheless, at every opportunity, Ian shameless flirts with Stella hoping she would finally give him the chance to prove that he is more than a rich playboy.  Because beneath her aloof exterior, Ian knows lays a fabulous, sensual woman waiting to break free and to be cherish by him.  So, when he discovers that they will be spending a weekend together at a mutual friend’s beach house, Ian is determined to win Stella’s heart.

I am really enjoying Lyric James’ Beach House Nights series.  With each new release, the storylines just keep getting better and better.  Her third standalone installment, Up All Night is an incredible, heartfelt read because of Stella’s emotional baggage.  While I scream at Stella to give Ian a chance, I completely understand her internal fear against taking a step that she perceives as reckless behavior that her mother committed time and time again in the past.  I admire Ian’s strength of character and his wholehearted compassion towards Stella.  It’s no wonder why she has a difficult time fighting the intense attraction between them.  Their sexual encounters were plentiful and lustfully romantic; definitely, body temperature raising moments.  All in all, Up All Night is a spectacular read!

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