UP TO ME by M. Leighton

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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UP TO ME by M. LeightonUp to Me by M. Leighton
Published by Penguin on 2013-02-12
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by Vanessa

M. Leighton’s Down to You was just the beginning. “Up to Me has even more shockers in store!” (Examiner.com) For Olivia, romantic bliss has never felt so right as it does with Cash. Unpredictable, except when it comes to satisfying her desires, Cash’s ‘bad boy’ reputation is well-earned, but he’s turning his life around with the one woman who accepts him for who he is. Until strangers from the past turn Olivia and Cash’s world upside down. What they want is something only Cash can give them. And if he doesn’t deliver, then they’re taking the one thing that Cash values the most. Olivia always knew that in falling for Cash she was likely to get burned. But this new threat is beyond anything she imagined. Now she has to trust Cash with her life—and for Olivia that’s much easier than letting go, and trusting him with her heart. Includes a teaser from The Wild Ones

Olivia Townsend has been burned once again, but love means more.  Having learned Cash Davenport’s dark secret, Olivia has to look beyond what she sees.  Cash appears to be a bad boy, but she knows there is more than meets the eye with him.  However, when his past comes back full force, Olivia must trust Cash with more.  Cash has found “the one” that makes him want to be all that he can be, but he is soon striving to fight to protect her.  Calling on help, Cash never expected to be betrayed by someone so close!  Will he be able to forgive those that hurt him in the past and hang on to Olivia too?

Up to Me kept the story line moving as the Davenports’ secrets are delved into deeper.  The chemistry between Cash and Olivia burns up the pages, and unraveling the web of deceit is a little tangled.  However, I found that Olivia and Cash lacked some depth to what they experienced in Up to Me.  I really wanted to ride their emotional rollercoaster as they dealt with the full ramifications of their individual betrayals, but they didn’t really go that way in Up to Me.  That’s not to say that Olivia didn’t come to some hard truths in Up to Me, because she did.  She knew that what she thought she had experienced before wasn’t anything like what she feared.  Yet, she didn’t truly express that feeling of ultimate betrayal that should’ve hurt more in Up to Me and, frankly, neither did Cash.  However, perhaps that will be worked through more in the follow-up novel to Up to Me.

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