THE VAMPIRE AND THE P. I. by J. P. BowieThe Vampire and the P. I. by J. P. Bowie
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MLR Press

At one time Sean Martin was a decorated police detective with more friends than he could count.  Shot and badly injured on the job Sean left the force and opened his own successful P.I. office after he recovered.  Everything was going well until another officer; a known homophobe spreads horrible rumors which Sean is unable to defend against.


Abandoned by pretty much everyone he knows and on the verge of losing his business Master vampire Rafael Barrantes walks into his office.  Vampires are legal citizens now that it’s 2034 but, it’s a first for Sean to deal with one of them, one on one.


He agrees to the job, mostly to keep his office afloat.  Sean will look into the death of young Julian Hunter who was Rafael’s lover.  It’s been ruled a suicide, yet the deeper the P.I. digs the more it looks like the hustler was murdered.  At the same time Rafael’s private secretary Arturo Menendez offers his help with the investigation though it soon becomes clear that seducing Sean is his main objective.


As Sean investigates more dirt turns up and it looks like the police department is involved.  Finding Julian’s killer may mean the end of Sean, but not if Arturo can help it.


A great start to an entertaining series, The Vampire and the P.I. is a sleek, carnal story.  Intelligent, wicked sexy characters uncover murder and find love.  The hot, erotic aspect of the story literally steams the pages in the dangerous whodunit.  Solid pacing and a strong plotline help Sean and Arturo save the day in The Vampire and the P.I.

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